Painting Artists in Quebec

Art by Canadian painters capture landscapes, wildlife, portraits, figures, still-lives and abstract ideas in oil, acrylic and watercolour. Contemporary art can be found at the heart of a new generation of experimentation and mark making.



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Painter Artists in Quebec

  • Cathy Bluteau

    Cathy Bluteau


    I work primarily in acrylic either on canvas, AND NOW IN WATERCOLOR or other hard surfaces. I recently started using some mixed media including paper, text, textured paints and more. I have also expanded into working with aquarelle/watercolor pencils for some interesting effects.    more...

  • Carole Chicoine

    Carole Chicoine


    As a Canadian artist since 30 years I use different elements to play on the surface of wood panels or canvas. Climate changes and its effects inspires me for most of my work. I also make portraits of life surrounding me by creating a new order that gives me hope for the future. I have prese..   more...

  • Holly Friesen

    Holly Friesen


    Holly Friesen was born in Saskatchewan, studied Visual Arts at John Abbott College in Montreal and painting at York University in Toronto. Her work revolves around earth-honoring images that reflect & instill connection to local bio-regions. These images internalize a reverence for the earth and shi..   more...

  • Jean Gauvreau

    Jean Gauvreau


    Jean Gauvreau was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He continues to call the Outouais region home, and his paintings reflect the culture and seasonal moods of the area.   more...

  • Raymond Girard

    Raymond Girard

    Baie Saint Paul

    Mélange de pates et poudre de silis et marbre travaillé a la spatule.Après sèchage sculpté avec un dremel tool, a L'occasion j'ajoute,cuivre,laiton et alluminium martelés pierres et fossiles aussi masque africain, finit le travail avec un vernis très brillant.    more...

  • Tracey Hill

    Tracey Hill


    Wildlife & Nature paintings by Tracey Hill. Get up-close and personal with the animals that share our planet with us. Intense focus on eyes, feathers and details that bring their unique beauty into sharp perspective.    more...

  • Anthony Hobbs

    Anthony Hobbs


    My paintings are a visual representation of my emotional reactions to landscapes and objects, accomplished through the juxtaposition and interaction of forms, colour and light.   more...

  • Kevin Jenne

    Kevin Jenne


    A huge appeal lies in his 'impressionistic' slightly “cubist” style. His paintings are infused with an inner glow and luminosity that gives each piece a life of their own. He uses intense colours to elicit an emotional response and stir passion in those who view his work. Son style impressionn..   more...

  • Robert Kramberger

    Robert Kramberger


    I am primarily a Canadian Landscape Painter, working in oil. Some of the paintings come framed, ready to be displayed in your home or office. Other options can be arranged. To purchase or commission a painting, please email for details. I would be more than happy to discuss options. Private an..   more...

  • Nada Kyriakos

    Nada Kyriakos


    Landscape and figures symbolically represented, inspired by different trips and cultures. The mixed media techniques are based on two parallel mediums: water-based and acrylics where collage profiles not only as a form but also as a main qualitative composant.    more...

  • Gisèle L'Épicier

    Gisèle L'Épicier


    Artist’s personal website: virtual art gallery, statement, contact, media, art links. Gisèle L’Épicier holds a diploma in Fine Arts from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) and did further studies at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montreal and the University of Sherbroo..   more...

  • Carole Rae Lerman

    Carole Rae Lerman

    Montreal, (cote st luc)

    Vibrant Acrylic Paintings.    more...

  • Jihane Mossalim

    Jihane Mossalim


    I concentrated my paintings mainly on kid's portraits; I would take family pictures and dig a little deeper to find that gaze, that stare and try to capture it on canvas.   more...

  • Lyndell Robinson

    Lyndell Robinson


    Vitre-Verte is a fresh approach to repurposing glass as functional art. My lanterns have been used as center pieces at social functions. They can be used in the garden or balcony with a citronella candle in the summer, and be used as gifts for special occasions. 'Like' my work on Facebook: http://..   more...

  • Rita Rodrigue

    Rita Rodrigue


    Professional French-Canadian artist creating contemporary works for over forty five years, having exhibitions worldwide, with experience as an art professor.   more...

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